My father and mother met when they were 19 and 20 years old, and were married for 65 years before my mother died nearly four years ago. Since my father ’s passing, I have been cleaning out their home and found more than 75 letters they wrote to each other throughout their courtship and marriage during WWII and, again during the Korean War. The letters tell a love story that most of us could only yearn for – tremendous caring, worry, anxiety, pregnancies, separation, friendships and family.

As I read these letters, I am constantly reminded of the importance of adult relationships and their impact on family life. At Greenleaf Family Center, our staff are constantly faced with the difficulties adult partners have and how the “success” or “failure” of these relationships affect children, employment, coworkers, community. Our goal is to help them face, understand and deal with the difficult issues that are barriers to the caring they so deserve.

Can we do this? Of course!

Encouragement, advocacy, support and exceptional clinical skills set us apart from other organizations. We are proud of what we provide to families in the greater Summit County area and know we could not do this without your support.

Thank you!

Judy Joyce, Former President/CEO