Greenleaf Family Center strengthens families in our community through counseling, education, and support.

In 1912, our founders Harvey Firestone, F.A Seiberling, and other community leaders set out to meet the needs of families in our community by providing them with basic necessities including coal, groceries, clothing, and transportation. With those important steps, the Charity Organization Society of Akron was formed. In 1926 our name was changed to Family Service Society of Akron and later changed to Family Services of Summit County in 1980 as we began to expand our services throughout the county. In 2004, we became known as Greenleaf Family Center.

The original mission of more than 100 years ago continues today as Greenleaf Family Center strengthens families in our community through counseling, education, and support. Through 17 different programs, we serve nearly 8,000 individuals annually who face the challenges of daily living and personal crises that arise from a variety of issues including relationship issues, marital problems, teenage parenting, alcohol and drug addictions, financial instability and school behavioral concerns.

We believe that Greenleaf Family Center is the agency in which the community chooses to invest because of our leadership, quality and responsiveness. We are able to fulfill our mission of strengthening families in our community through counseling, education, and support by staying true to our Core Values:

Family – The family, however defined, is the essential source of strength and support.

Respect – Every person is recognized as having inherent worth and is accorded the highest degree of respect at all times.

Integrity – All actions are undertaken in an ethical manner, faithful to our Mission.

Interdependency – All (clients, staff, Trustees and volunteers) are mutually dependent in fulfillment of our Mission.

Excellence – Only our best effort is acceptable in the achievement of quality.


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Public Comment Period:

The Council on Accreditation (COA) is conducting an accreditation review of Greenleaf Family Center and seeks your assistance. COA is a national organization that sets standards for quality service and sends teams of experienced professionals to visit organizations to see whether they meet these standards. A very important part of this review consists of asking stakeholders within the community about their experience with, and impression of, our organization.

You may respond as a general observer of how our organization is viewed in the community, as someone with direct experience with our organization, or from both perspectives. COA requests that, if possible, you select an individual to complete this survey that has had the most direct knowledge of, or experience with, our organization.

Please follow this link: Public Comment Period Greenleaf Family Center to begin.